Choosing the right solar fixture can be overwhelming at first. With multiple fixture types, varying light output, and different features, you can be left wondering what fixture is best for your next project.

Here is a short guide to help direct you towards the lighting solution that is best for YOU!

When trenching and wiring for power is not an option, off-grid solar lighting fixtures can provide surprisingly bright light for places in desperate need. That’s why these standard solar options would be great for adding additional lighting, creating new light features, or simply saving on power consumption costs.

Area Lights

These are the biggest and brightest fixtures—simply mount at the desired height and cover large areas with light. Parking lots, parks, campus walkways—whatever your situation, area lights can be mounted at various heights and angles. Area lights are optimized to illuminate larger areas. The benefit of solar area lights comes in the off-grid, no wiring design. If you have a parking lot that needs additional lighting but do not have the funds to supply power, solar area lights are the best option for you.

Step Lights & Wall Packs

Step lights are designed for small spaces, fences, and stairways for safety and added security. Since it can be difficult and expensive to rebuild high-traffic stairways, solar step lights allow you to easy and quickly install bright and affordable lighting. Wall Packs are great for smaller, completely off-grid applications such as doorways and emergency exits to add security lighting and safety. Remember, always keep mounting location and sun direction in mind. Mounting a wall pack on a north-facing wall in the Northern Hemisphere will not provide enough solar charging.

Flood Lights & Display Lights

Flood lights and display lights are perfect solutions for lighting your company sign or highlighting architectural features. Both fixture types are designed to cast light on the desired object or specific area. Solar flood lights are specifically designed to sit near the ground to provide up-lighting. These fixtures allow you to install additional or new lighting without breaking ground to help preserve landscaping and pavement. Similarly, display light fixtures are great for small displays, signs, and billboards. Depending on how you need your fixtures mounted, display lights are thinner than flood lights allowing for overhead mounting.

Post Top & Bollard Fixtures

If you are looking for a more decorative fixture style while still providing “brighter than expected” lighting, consider installing Post Top or Bollard Fixtures. Parks, city streets, marinas, and other high-traffic locations are typical post top installations. Because of their unique aesthetic design, solar post tops allow you to add light and visual value to any area. Like post top fixtures, bollard fixtures are installed outside commercial buildings, government locations, piers, and other walkways. Bollard fixtures are designed to be small and easy to install. Solar bollard fixtures allow you to light difficult to trench locations with ease!

Choosing a solar fixture does not have to be overwhelming. If you have any questions or need help finding what type of fixture would work best for your next project, Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!