Thinking about switching to solar lighting?

Before you start the process, there are a few things that you need to know. Doing your research and preparation will help you streamline the process. Here is our list of questions to answer on solar lighting.

Where are you planning to install the fixtures?

The project location will affect the battery needed and the optimum angle of the solar panel. The installer should configure the solar panels properly to get the most sunlight. Plan ahead—know the desired angle to gather the most sunlight. For example, facing South will help is anywhere North of the equator

What are you trying to light?

Based on what you need to illuminate, different solar fixtures will be better than others. For example, parks will need a lighting fixture that might not necessarily work well on a highway. If you know how much light you need and where you want the fixtures, the installation process will be smoother.

How large of an area do you need to light?

Because solar lights can only cover a limited area, having an estimate of the size of the space will help you figure out the number of lights you will need. Project size will affect light output needs, costs and the number of installations.

What accessories will you need?

Most Solar lighting options come ready to mount and are easy to install. If you are planning to light your deck or garden path, the solar fixtures will not need as many accessories for installation. In contrast, if you are planning to light a parking lot or highway, then the solar lights will need poles and mounting equipment.  One benefit of solar lighting is that there is no trenching needed, so you can plan to eliminate those costs for installation.

What guidelines will your project need to comply with?

Most projects near forest preserves and waterways will have specific guidelines for lights. These guidelines are there to protect the wildlife and atmosphere. Understanding what is around you will help you choose solar lighting that is safe, cost-effective and best suited for you.

What type of operating profile do you need?

The operating profile works to maximize energy based on how long the light is needed and how bright it will be. Projects near highways or walkways will need the lights to be on for a long time. In contrast, decks, parking lots or fields will not require illumination for as long of a time. Knowing how long and how bright you will need the lights will help you choose the proper operating profile.

What specs are you looking for in a light?

Finally, it is time to choose the solar fixture. Location, application and safety needs will affect your choice of the proper color temperature and wattage or lumens. Color temperature determines how cool or warm the light is. Lumens measures how much light is coming out from the light. Each spec is essential to know before choosing a solar fixture.

Each question should help guide you to the solar lighting solution that is best for you. If you have any more questions or need help finding what solution is best for you, Contact Us today!