Parking lots are great spaces to consider installing solar lights. Because these spaces are typically cleared of large trees to allow for more parking, the solar lights have excellent sun exposure. So, if you are interested in switching to solar for your parking lots, here are some good practices to follow.

1. Know the areas you will be needing light

Before you purchase solar lights, you need to be aware of the different areas you will be needing light. Walkways, parking spaces, and signs all have different needs for light concentration. Walkways will need bright and more concentrated light to provide safety to pedestrians. Parking spaces will need a wider beam angle to cover multiple spaces. Signs will need carefully placed and bright light so that people are able to easily read the sign.

2. Carefully assess all areas for safety and security

One of the major reasons that lights are installed in parking lots is to allow for people to safely park their car at night. This means that you will need to assess what areas have high traffic or are possibly dangerous areas. Poles, curbs, trees, and walkways are areas that cars will need to avoid.

Along with safety, you want to provide security to those using your parking lots. If you have cameras installed, make sure that there is a good amount of light in the areas you have the cameras placed. Also, you want to ensure that every parking space has sufficient lighting to give your users an extra sense of security.

3. Plan a schedule for parking availability and lighting needs

Depending on how long your parking lot is open to the public, you will want to alter your lighting schedule. Where you live will also change when the lights need to turn on and off as well as how much sunlight your solar lights will receive. Each of these factors requires that you plan. Your installer can provide you with recommendations on times of day and the amount of sun each panel requires.

Parking lots are great starting points for switching to solar. You can save money and still ensure safety and security for your users.

If you have any questions on solar lighting options or need help planning out your lighting solution, contact us.